Slutty White Girls

I don’t know why Bang Bros calls this new site Slutty White Girls… It should be like 3 dicks 1 chick or something like that. There has only been 2 scenes for this site so far the other one being with Natalie Lust. Have no fear though if you actually plan on buying a membership because you don’t just get access to those 2 scenes you get access to the whole Bang Bros network. Now let’s get talking about this amazing scene that Kelsi did for them. I think it’s safe to say that this is the first time that Kelsi has ever taken on 3 dicks before and she never actually gets DP’d or anything during the scene. It’s usually her just fucking one guy, sucking another guys cock and then jerking off the 3rd guy. It seems like a impossible task but she gets it done. I also want to know if we can call a Latin girl like Kelsi a “White Girl”, I guess this is porn so nothing is real anyways but still she isn’t a white girl in my opinion.

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